[ Cream pie attack survival guide ]

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Well, how does it works ?

It's very simple, in order to make a "pie attack" with the pseudo "brutus" for exemple, you just need to make your victim click on a link of this kind :


To do so, there are differents methods:
- sending of a direct link
- adding a signature in your emails (mass mail [SPAM] is prohibited )
- using a "disguised" link, but it must not make confusion with another real link. So it is forbidden to use a link like http://www.google.com for exemple and pointing on a pseudo on pratou.com, anyone doing like this will be banished.

Moreover, you can't attack someone who has already hit you.


Humm, okay, but we have to subscribe, what are you doing with my personal datas ?

There is subscription, everything is totally anonym. The pseudo is created as soon as the first victim goes to the tricked link, it it is not more complicated than that !


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